Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So first of all...I got my hair cut! I have not had this short of hair since FOREVER! And what's funny is it's not even all that short. But it's so healthy and I'm so happy!

Next order of business...Ben and I snagged some tickets to a flames game from my brother. I think Ben did a little plumbing work and in exchange we got to sit just a few rows from the ice and watch one of the more fun games we've seen (over time PLUS a shoot out). It was so fun, and I'm really grateful to Nate for letting us go to the game!! It was mostly just so nice to be with my hubby for a few hours. Just the two of us and a few Pocket Dawgs and and a Malt to wash it all down with. Perfection.

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Anonymous said...

Great fun!