Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I'm still working on it

I'm still working on this blog...I just seem to never have time! BUT when I do find a few minutes I try to work on my blog! So...I just finished the summer! I am hopefully going to get all caught up here soon! I hate that I've fallen so behind and I really rely on this blog as a journal for our family. I like to make each year into I really can't slack. So what I've done is enter the posts back into July, August and September where they should have been had I actually been blogging. Then in 20 years no one will remember. It will just look like I was always relatively consistent. So for those that sill read this (hi mom). here is a link to some new posts:

Pelican Point

Birthday season - Paige

Curb Appeal

Summer Days

Birthday Season - Hailey


I can't Forget July Long

Dutch Creek - Family Trip

Money Mountain - Color Me Rad

Montana One Last Time

Hayden Lake

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We love the updates!