Thursday, January 09, 2014

Snow Snow and more SNOW

We have had so much snow this's unbelievable! I think my parents brought it to us in November, because I'm pretty sure they get a TON of snow in Quebec. Way more than we do here at least. The girls have been loving it. They built this little fort in the back for their little snowman (which happens to just be a giant snowball with a carrot nose and blueberries for eyes). But let me tell you, this fort is pretty cool. You probably wouldn't notice it if you were looking at it, but it has slides for 'snowman' to get around, it has a little cave to sleep in AND he even has a bathroom to take care of business. Pretty cool I'd say!

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Anonymous said...

I looked up some stats on a weatherstats page and for the year prior to and up to March 14, Montreal had 1068.1 mm of precipitation and Calgary had 520.8. That's even including the amazing rain Calgary had last June!
So, that means Montreal and area get over twice as much rain/snow as Calgary. You can tell by looking at the stop signs that just barely peep out over the top of the snow. ;)