Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Families that ski together

Our new family motto is:

Families that ski together, stay together.

Well, in our case, you can snowboard OR ski. Last year we took the two older girls out for a day of skiing and loved it soooo much. This year for family day weekend (actually our 11 year anniversary) we went with a bunch of their cousins and Aunts and Uncles on my side and it was seriously so much fun! That very next week I went out and bought them new skis, boots, and helmets. We are going to commit to this. You may or may not remember, but this is how Ben and I met. A girlfriend and I had filmed ourselves doing some fun little snowboard tricks. We brought our little movie to the institute one night to show some other friends. Ben and his roommates saw, and were interested. We invited them out snowboarding and the rest was history. Through out our dating and married life we have spent countless hours snowboarding. We went on a snowboarding Honeymoon for goodness sake! It's kind of important to us, and we couldn't wait until our family was at that stage where we could do it together. And we're almost there!

Anyway, the girls loved trying out their new skis. They loved climbing in and out of their bindings and wanted me to document every single moment of it! We've been out one more time since and I'm super impressed with how good they are...Hailey can rip down the hill without a problem, and Paige just graduated from her leash to skiing without any help!!

Maybe next year we'll take Cait

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Anonymous said...

Cait certainly has a ski movement down pat.