Monday, March 03, 2014

My daddy is stronger than yours

Well not really. Who knows. He is deceptively strong.  But is there anything a kid loves more than their big strong Daddy winning something? Any win for Ben is an even bigger win for those little girls of his. He is their hero. And to really solidify that hero status, he decided to win the Cub Bar Rally. Oops...I mean the C02 car race. Which is basically the grownup boy version of the cub cars - just more power. The elders quorum in our ward put this event together and Ben submitted his Bud car (which was maybe not super church appropriate...but was modeled after the NASCAR Budweiser car). Anyway, the girls and I showed up and hung out with other moms and kids who were pretty sure their dads were going to win. Although everyone is a winner in some way, only one lucky family got to bring the trophy home. And that lucky family was ours! yay. Can you feel my excitement? Can you? I know YOU want this trophy in your house!! Who wouldn't?

We get to keep that gem for a year, but the girls will probably never forget the moment THEIR dad won the big race. He's kind of a winner. Maybe we'll keep him. 

Don't worry, safety is always a priority in our family..and if you forget your helmet, well you can always make one out of a Styrofoam bowl!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a Dad! And what a trophy!