Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The littlest of Helpers

Cait LOVES to help in the kitchen. She loves it even more than Paige does...if that's even possible! But she does. She likes to take control too! Well yesterday, after a VERY busy weekend (Ben working until 'too late o'clock', skiing all day Saturday, a girls night with cousins later that night, and then 9 am church) Cait and I decided to bake some Brownies for our family dinner on Sunday night. She wants to do it all, from measuring ingredients, dumping those ingredients in, mixing with the mixer all the way to tasting the dough. it's pretty fun (most the time) to have her helping!

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Anonymous said...

She's growing so fast. She's definitely a cross between Hailey and Paige and for sure one of the sweetest little helpers.
Great pics, by the way. :)