Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Having girls

There seems to be a lot of opinion floating around on whether having all girls is the cool thing or not. Actually most people think that their family of boys AND girls is so perfect that my family must be missing out. Really, it's funny how much this comes up. Little do they realize that my family of all one gender is just as perfect. And what they especially don't realize is that my family of little girls, and MY girls specifically are just exactly the coolest and best thing in the world. I'm not missing out on a thing!! Because if I didn't have these exact girls I certainly would be missing out...on things like when they blow dry their own hair, in heels of course:

Or when they cuddle so sweetly on the couch and play games together:

Or when the bigger girls break out into song and dance and the littlest one tries as hard as she can to keep up:

These moments? These are the best! These girls? They make every day so fun and so worth any of the hard stuff! I think I'll happily keep my 'perfect for me' family around and let others have their own 'perfect for them' families!


Emily S said...

So sweet. Life at my house is so different, hehe, except the part where Kai tries to keep up.

Anonymous said...

And our family was perfect for me! Isn't that so perfect? :)
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa