Friday, March 07, 2014

Lazy Days

Some days we stay in our Pj's all day. Some days I like a little peace and quiet and so Cait gets to play with my phone all she wants. Some days I literally do nothing but recover from the weekend. Those days are called Mondays. They are the hardest thing in the world!! Ok, maybe not quite that bad. But still, I have to resist the desire the let Hailey stay home from school every single Monday morning. She would be late a LOT more if she weren't the only kid at her bus stop. I just feel like it's common courtesy to let the bus driver know that she doesn't need to wait for us that day. And then it gets a little embarrassing when you text the bus driver every Monday morning for three weeks in a row. It feels like calling in sick after a long weekend, everyone KNOWS you're not sick!! So my new rule is that I only let her sleep in one Monday a  month. Every other Monday she has to wake up and deal with life. Which we all know just means I have to wake up and deal with life. WHY is that so hard??

So this last Monday I actually got Hailey off to school. We were right in the middle of a COLD stretch, and I was not happy about actually leaving the house. So when I got home I bundled myself up in some super warm blankets, gave Cait my iphone and let her go to town. It was sweet. It was relaxing
. I never wanted it to end.

UNTIL Ben reminded me that I needed to drive him to the mechanic to drop off his truck. Brrrr. things got even better when I got outside and up pulled my friend Lahni and her kids...that I had promised to babysit this morning!! Oooops!! well, good thing the showed up when they did. So I loaded all the kids in the van and picked Ben up at the Mechanics. And then the kids played and played and played. And it turned into a GREAT Monday!!

And then later that day when Hailey came home from school I tried that relaxing thing again. It worked.

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