Tuesday, February 03, 2015

More Nephrology and Urology updates

In December, just before Christmas we took Cait in for a renal ultrasound and then to see her Nephrologist. And then in January she saw her Urologist. Her Urologist is the surgeon, and from his point of view the last surgery was a huge success!! YAY!! We still follow up in a year just to make sure she doesn't have any blockages...but so far so good.

The nephrologist however confirmed what we suspected. She's basically down to one kidney. Her smaller kidney (previously 6th percentile) isn't even on the charts at all anymore. It hasn't grown at all since her last ultrasound. That one is a write off. As of right now she gets to keep that kidney. It might reabsorb into her body, it might hang out there and do nothing or it might cause some problems. If it causes problems then we'll have it removed. Her other kidney (previously 34th percentile) is now at the 40th percentile. So slight growth...but not at all what we need to see. This kidney needs to get itself up into the 80th 90th percentile to do the job of both kidneys. Will it get there? Maybe. Maybe not. But right now her kidney function is fine. She's growing and developing normally and we have no immediate concerns. We are still desperately hoping that one kidney can do it's thing and pick up the slack. But there's not much we can do at this point other than wait and see. So we'll go back to see her nephrologist in 6 months to a year and reassess then. This will be how she lives her life from here on out. Which is ok. She's tough.

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