Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A day for the girls

Let's be honest...every day is a day for these girls. But we especially had fun last weekend when we took them to see Cinderella! Originally I had planned to take the older two and make it a girls night out, but then we saw a special preview for it at Disneyland and Ben said he wanted to come too. This guy, he may be all Boy, but he will pretty much do anything for his three little girls! So the day came and we pulled out our Cinderella dresses, we picked hairstyles, and maybe put a little blush and lip gloss on and off we went! Our three Cinderellas! Honestly, aren't they kind of the cutest thing ever? We had a blast and the movie was great! Just perfect actually. Sometimes being a mom to just girls is just perfect!

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The McGales said...

i LOVE this!!!! They are the cutest! And such a fun Mom to let them be so girly!
ps. cinderella was so cute