Monday, March 23, 2015

St Paddy's day

We celebrated St Paddy's day this year like we do every Holiday...with a lot of magic. We don't do anything crazy and these girls are just so happy to take on a craft of any kind that it's pretty easy for me. I pulled out a roll of tinfoil, some tape, a few pieces of green paper and taught Hailey how to make Shamrocks. And that my friends was it. The girls set up their traps in hope of catching a leprechaun...but I think they really just wanted to cash in on some gold. Which by the way, that sneaky leprechaun raided my skittles stash! He also left them some Lucky Charms to eat for breakfast...which I'm always grateful for. Fill them with sugar then send them off to school; that's the kind of mom I am. If they eventually crash from that sugar high, well it's someone else's problem! But in all honesty, it's just a fun easy kind of day. The kind day you can get away with pancakes for dinner because they're green, or you can eat all your kids candy because the leprechaun said so. I'm happy to be part of that kind of day, that's for sure!

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