Tuesday, March 03, 2015

A quick stop in Phoenix

So the biggest news of our February was our trip to Phoenix AND then Disneyland!! We made a little countdown chart for the girls and we desperately awaited the big day! It finally came and we woke up at the crack of dawn...actually earlier (4:30 am to be exact) so we could catch our flight! We made it to the airport, through security and onto our plane just in time for our 7:00 departure. And then we waited. Of course Calgary had to get snow for the first time in forever that night...and things just took forever. Finally we taxid out and were next in line to take off when our captain came on the speakers with an announcement...something was wrong with our plane. So back the the airport we went, and we started to wait. Soon the Captain came on again and told us that there would be an additional 2 hour delay now...at least. Which in total, made it three hours we were delayed. Which meant we'd miss our connecting flight in Vancouver! Of course I panicked and started thinking of all the ways this trip wasn't going to work. Ben remained calm, of course. One quick trip to customer service and we were on our way to our direct flight to Phoenix, which oddly enough would land in Phoenix 5 minutes earlier that our other flight. PLUS we had $75 in food vouchers to make up for the mistake. Sweet! We cleaned out the Tim Hortons and boarded our plane. Cait's never ending discussion about 'bwoken planes' I'm sure calmed all those nervous flyers hearts. I mean...it's kind of creepy when a child talks about a broken airplane WHILE you're on an airplane. Right?? At least we had context, our seat neighbours didn't. Suckers.

So we landed, made our way to Rebecca and Randall's house and crashed. We eventually left the kids with the best invention ever, an older niece, and we went out for some yummy Mexican food! The next day we played tourist a little and visited some cool rocks and Castuses...or is it Cacti? Everyone had fun, and we mostly enjoyed the nice moderate temperature. Not too hot, not too cold! Kind of perfect. Everyone always cooperates for pictures in our family too...especially Cait!! We actually have juts given up on trying to get her to look and smile. There are bigger things to worry about than a picture perfect Cait. We left the kids with Emily again for a delicious dinner...there's just so much good food in Phoenix. So much! It's not even fair.

This small portion of our trip was perfect and I wish we had longer to spend with them. BUT, Disneyland was waiting for us. And the girls were giddy with excitement! So the next day we hopped in our rental car and made the 5 hour trek to Disneyland....the most exciting, magical and exhausting Holiday I have ever been on!

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