Thursday, March 19, 2015

Random Marchness

March has been an interesting all started with our return from Disney Land and getting back into our routine. Which was honestly so much harder than I'd expected. A Doctors appointment later - and some blood work involved - I learned I was anemic. I was just slightly anemic when I  was pregnant with Cait...and significantly more so this time. Which would explain the extreme exhaustion I was feeling (sleeping 10 hours at night, waking up getting the kids off to school, napping for two hours while Cait watched netflix, then getting her lunch, napping again while she napped, then waking up just as the girls were getting home from school and STILL being exhausted. If I didn't have piano lessons everyday I'd nap again before dinner). So I started on some iron pills and I'm still waiting for them to kick in...but there's hope.

To add to that craziness, I also found out I was exposed to a pretty common (for the general population) yet very scary virus for pregnant mothers. I'd actually never heard of's called it, you'll see what I'm talking about. I feel ok. I'm sure I don't have it...but it's not confirmed. The day I found out about it my doctor had me come in immediately for some blood work. The results of the blood work were generally inconclusive, so I had some more blood work AND they're trying to track down some older blood work vials to test those as well. It feels a little weird to have so many doctors working on this. When I first called into my low risk maternity clinic they reacted instantly...which is sort of not common. Normally up here we take things slowly and only panic when panic is, well necessary. But in this case, it felt a little panicky. After that initial appointment I've spent a LOT of time on the phone with my doctors and in the office discussing things. They transferred my case to a blood specialist or something along those lines. So I technically - for the time being at least - get to stay at my clinic, but my file is being seen by a specialist too. Which is interesting. Whatever happens in the end though I just really really want this baby to be ok. So I'm taking my doctors' advice and avoiding certain people and situations.

In the midst of all that craziness, we've just been loving this beautiful March. We have had some amazing spring weather that had us completely forgetting about winter...and these Canadian daughters of mine had a few 'beach' parties on our front deck.

I finally gave in an renewed my library membership...which I hope works out this time. I just can NOT be trusted to return books on time...and in some cases at all. My late fees were as much as my membership...that's how bad I am!! But the girls are loving it...especially Hailey. She just loves Science and non fiction anything, so I was her hero when I came home with a book on Frogs! I don't know where she gets it from, because I have no desire to read about frogs. But I sure love this side of her! We bought a bunch of beginner reading books for Paige and she's doing pretty great at it. She's super determined and excited about reading!

Cait - well she's just a firecracker...and she's ALWAYS asking me to take her picture. Done 

We've been drinking a LOT of orange juice around helps absorb the iron I guess. And the girls have turned into little juice making experts. This kind of stuff has me pretty excited about bringing home a new baby soon...real BIG sisters will be so helpful. Hailey will be almost 8 and Paige will be almost 6 - basically adults!! Honestly though, they will be so much more helpful than they were when we had Cait and they were 4 and 2...I'm liking this age gap already!

Anyway, March so far has been: Exhausting, Scary, Relaxing, Fun and just so full of normal Amazingness! I can't complain!

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