Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Keeping afloat

This baby business is tough. It's honestly so hard for me...and I'm not sure why I get hit so hard. But the baby blues, oh man these baby blues are the worst. I wonder each and every day if I'll ever feel normal again...and if our family will be ok. Will my girls forgive me for being such a sad spaced out mom? Will my husband forgive me? It's not even that we have a bad newborn...because she's not bad. She's a treat - with some colic thrown in there. It's my stupid hormones. Those hormones that hit ME so incredibly hard. So in an attempt to feel normal on a nice warm afternoon last week, I pulled out the new bottle of bubble solution. Put Nora to sleep in the swing and sat outside with these two angels and blew bubbles for a solid 30 minutes. Which is such a short time in reality, but a LONG time when it comes to feeling just almost normal. I think I need to do more of this sort of thing. Let that warm sun hit my skin, listen to those sweet laughs from the girls and remember that eventually the hormones will leave and this life will be normal!

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