Sunday, June 28, 2015


I just don't even have the right words to express what has happened. We lost a friend. A young Father of three...and exceptional father of three. A husband...and very good husband. Way too soon. And way too tragic. We were also way too involved in the accident and it has shaken our family quite a bit. There are things we'll never be able to un-see. Things we can't un-feel. Events we can't undo. It's the worst. I'm hurting. My children are hurting. My husband is especially hurting. We also recognize that our hurt and pain are absolute nothing in comparison to the children who lost their dad. My girls friends. The wife who lost her husband. My friend. The siblings who lost their brother and parents who lost their son. They hurt more. I know. Right now we're feeling especially numb and incredibly unsure what to do next. We have this sweet baby to take care of and her needs are pretty demanding. So we'll start there. We also have three older girls that need their parents...and are also a little scared after what happened. We'll be there too. We have each other, both completely at a loss. Emotions are raw, and we both need comforting. We'll start there. We're together and we're grateful for that. We see our blessings and are grateful. So so grateful.

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