Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Birth Story

Nora Ada...this little girl came roaring into this world! Fast and Furious! My first contraction was at 1:15 am, and she was born at 5:32 am. I called my parents when I felt the first contraction and had them drive out to our house right then. I've never had any false labour before so I knew that when I felt a real contraction that would be it. Because my other labours have been fast too we did have a friend on call just in case my parents didn't make it in time. luckily they did.

We arrived at the hospital at 3:30am and they immediately checked me in...I was 5cm and I was STAYING! My contractions were still pretty friendly and weren't causing me too much pain. So when the nurse asked what my pain management plan was I said I was happy to wait and see. Honestly...I should have known that was code for - don't give me anything! At about 5:00am my water broke and the nurse checked me again...9 cm!! YAY!! They called the doctor in to the hospital and was all prepped to start pushing. I was feeling so strong and proud of myself because until this point my labour had been completely bearable! Yay me!! No real pain!! Then the doctor came and checked me and delivered the most unfortunate news ever! I was only 6cm. Let me tell you, I just started crying at that point. There was no way I was only 6cm, because that meant I would actually have to feel some serious pain. I wasn't anywhere near being done! So I MADE them call the anaesthesiologist in to give me an epidural. They warned me that he wasn't actually at the hospital (stupid low risk clinic - they want to be as intervention free as possible so they try to discourage the epidrual) and that it would take about 30 min before it would be ready. I didn't care how long it took...I wanted him there!! So they called him. And then things go intense! Really intense. I started begging for anything to take the pain away and they offered me the laughing gas, which has never worked in the past. Well, this time it worked...a bit! It at least took the edge off. So for three glorious contraction the pain was a little milder. And then I realized I had to push! I yelled to the nurse that I was pushing and she calmly told me not to yet because I wasn't fully dilated, to which I responded with a very mature "I KNOOOOOOOW".

Well the next contraction came and there was no doubting it...the baby was there and she was coming out. I hopped onto the bed and started pushing her out as the doctor and nurses scrambled to get into position. And then things got a little weird. Normally everyone tells you what to do, how to push, how long, how hard etc. but this time no one was saying anything! I knew her head was out and that was it. They were all furiously working on something and I just wanted some instruction. I asked if I could push again and they said 'just give us a minute'! So I waited that next contraction out and then Ben whispered "just give a little push" so I did and she popped out. Then plan was to have her on my chest instantly, but they didn't put her on me. They actually cut her cord quickly, and still nothing. No crying, no baby on my chest, no congratulations! Nothing. For a minute. Just a minute. Not long enough for me to know something was really wrong, but long enough to know something was happening. And then they called for help...and I gave Ben a look like "what's happening" and then she cried!!!! That baby girl started crying. They cancelled their call for help and reassured me over and over and over again that everything was alright! She was going to be ok! And she was. What I didn't know at the time was that her cord was wrapped around her and it was stuck. They couldn't untangle her until I pushed her body out. And then she wasn't breathing, and they had to resuscitate her. Which obviously worked because she was breathing and screaming a minute later. So not long enough to be scary, but long enough to be worrisome. In the end it all worked out and they eventually brought her over to me for some skin to skin time. And that baby girl of mine just latched right on and started nursing like a pro! I was so happy to be done!! She was a tough labour...quick but tough!

That day we had the girls and my parents in for a visit. My new mom hormones were working overtime and I was a bag of emotions. I still am. Seeing her with her big sisters was just the best thing ever! They kept asking for a name....and we just didn't have one! I had like Ada (Ben's Grannie's middle name) from day one, but Ben just wasn't sold. So we laid there and went through names for hours until one seemed right. Ben mentioned Nora...and something just clicked in my mind. She LOOKED like a Nora. So much. All that dark hair just screamed Nora to me. And I know she'll end up blonde like the others (Paige did at least...the other two were blonde from day one). But even as a blonde I can still see her as a Nora. So we went to bed that night thinking about her name. The next day we were still uncertain. We couldn't decide. So we called a good friend (Angie) and she said she liked we went with it! Nora Ada it is! And it's just so perfectly her! The girls are in heaven. We're all in heaven. I'm adjusting. My Hormones are a mess...and I know we'll all be ok. But it's going to take me some time to level out a bit. Until then I'm just enjoying this sweet little girl who loves to be held and nursed and snuggled all day long!! Welcome to the family Nora!!

by the way...the anesthesiologist showed up about 15 minutes after she was born! Seriously...every single time I have a baby this happens to me!!

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Heather said...

Congratulations Meagan!! You have such a beautiful family. I love the photos of all your girls together. And I LOVE the name Nora! Good choice.