Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making Candy necklaces

So a friend of ours dropped of a little 'make your own candy necklace' pack for each of the girls. So thoughtful. So fun.We were so excited to get started. I figured this was an activity best left to the few moments during the day when Paige is napping...so we quickly put her to bed and Hailey and I got started.

The excitedment quickly turned to frustration. Is there anything more fun then 50 little tiny candy beads that need to be strung by 'three year old fingers' onto a tiny elastic string? This kind of thing is just up our alley...of course no one cried when the candies fell on the ground or the elastic moved a bit, I never tried to convince anyone that they should just eat the candy and forget the necklace part, I also didn't hide the other one from Paige. Nope. We just happily enjoyed making the necklace.

Actually in all honesty, the kit was really cute. We had lots of fun...and once we figured out how to work together (a little mommy daughter bonding here) it was really easy and fun! We definitely will buy more and make them again. Hailey LOVED it! She wore it for a whopping 45 minutes before all the candy was gone. She even begged me to buy her another one. And I will. Soon.


Anonymous said...

Sorry! Next time we will invite them for a playdate and make them!!

The Taylors said...

Haha, well if you thread the string with a needle and then put the candies on, ti is a lot easier. For next time!