Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So many reasons

There are just so many reasons why I love having two girls...and why I would love more one day. Girls are just so fun! I especially LOVE having these two little girls for each other - they LOVE each other (well, to be honest...there are times when the love's not so strong). BUT - the over all feeling is love and friendship, and I'm so glad they have each other to play with.

Now...today's reason why I love having girls is:

I just don't think boys would give you this kind of picture opportunity.... where else can you see Rapunzel brushing Tinkerbell's hair...while Tinkerbell is sitting patiently in a baby stroller. Do you see that little purse with a cell phone hanging out of it? Well, Rapunzel may have JUST finished her conversation with her Prince Eugene...I think they're planning to meet up to get married later this afternoon. Don't tell her Dad.Or:

Where else can you see Rapunzel giving Tinkerbell a ride in the stroller because her 'wings are broken'? Only girls. And that's why I LOVE mine.


angie said...

i love it. so cute. i too love that my girl is obsessed with princesses and everything girly.

Francis Family said...

I couldn't agree more!
I LOVE having 3 girls and secretly hope this one is a girl too. shh. ;)
Cute pictures!

Lahni said...

They are pretty cute! I can see why you love them!

Sue-Zee said...

So sweet...must admit, I'm leaning slightly towards wanting a girl more, but would be happy with a little Prince Charming too :)

Emily said...

It is soo great! Little sisters are so fun. And it has stayed great so far. A & C go have secret time on the top bunk and write notes to stick on their door like "Girls Only".
Of course that leaves me to smoosh the little boy so I'm happy with all of it! (Who's not so little anymore. Meagan, can you believe Tobin is going to be FOUR on Saturday??)

Anonymous said...

I notice the cell phone isn't hanging out of the purse in the second picture. Obviously that's why they're on the move, Prince Eugene must have called and moved up the wedding. :)
So cute.
Love, G-Ma