Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You'll always be my BABY

A few days ago Ben took Hailey with him to wash the truck. Don't ask me why the truck needed to be washed, because it hasn't left the safety of our heated Garage for over a month...and it was clean when it entered it's hibernation. It was all beyond me. But I guess you can never really understand a man and his truck.
Anyway...the story. So he took Hailey with him. 5 minutes later he called and told me he left me a surprise in the mud room and to go check it out. I was pretty excited because he OWED me big time for the last 'surprise' he gave me *I'll tell you about it later*. So I ran down stairs and found this:

What a sweet little surprise. Even though this little 3 year old NEVER naps anymore - and hasn't for over a year, and even though she tells me to "get out of her room" regularly like she's a teenager, and even though she has the vocabulary of a 30 year old, and even though she's soooo grown up ALL the time...

She will still always be my baby.

p.s. the story about my last surprise. This last December I spent a LOT of money on clothes. I felt guilty so decided that they would be my Christmas presents from Ben. So Christmas eve I told him to wrap my presents...they were in a bag in our closet. So he did. Christmas morning, I saw that I had some presents under the tree...I also saw that MY presents were still in the bag in my closet unwrapped! YAY! That could only mean a surprise gift!! Ben's usually so great at Christmas time so I just KNEW he had bought me some amazing gift! I was truly excited to open the one present under the tree I didn't know about...what could it be? Imagine my surprise when I found a size 5T winter coat - meant for Hailey for next year - in the present addressed to me. Turns out Ben wrapped the clothes from the wrong bag in the closet (i.e. he wrapped the clothes I got on sale at Old Navy for the girls to grow into). Merry Christmas to me. Next year I'll let Ben do his own seems to work better that way in this house.


Lahni said...

What a cute surprise!

angie said...

nice. i love surprise naps.
that is so funny that ben wrapped a 5t coat for you for christmas. haha.
we have that same carseat...don't you hate how the pads come off all the time?

Anonymous said...

Such a cute, cute surprise. Awwww.

(Plus I loved the, "Merry Christmas to me.")


Anonymous said...

Another comment: The title reminds me of the tender and touching Robert Munsch book, "Love You Forever."