Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pushing Chairs

Someone...the 18 month old...Paige, has learned to push the kitchen chairs around the kitchen to facilitate her getting into everything she isn't supposed to. Things like:

the rice
the flour
the candy stash
the chocolates (which are not the same as the candy stash in case you were wondering)
the chips
the sink
the dish soap
the dishes
the silverware
the recipe books
the iphone
the ipod

The list doesn't end there. And neither does the list of things she gets into without chairs, these would be things like:

the tupperware drawer
the toilet water
my toothbrush...
...and the toilet water
my toothbrush and anything dusgusting you can think of
bath soap
diaper cream
her clothes
my clothes
Bens clothes
Hailey's clothes

You get the picture...or shall I go on? Other things she does that are a little crazy include:

jumping off the couch
jumping off the stairs
dives and somersaults
headstands on the couch
climbing out of the bathtub...headfirst
climbing back into the tub...or jumping in from the ledge that is
climbing onto ANYTHING!

the one thing she hasn't done yet?

Climb out of her CRIB!

Honestly, how has this child (the child who honestly has no limits) not climbed out of her crib yet? I'm not about to ask her though.


Lahni said...

Emma's turning into a little crazy girl too...maybe she's been spending too much time with Paige.

The Taylors said...

hahahahaha!!!! When do we hang out next????

Anonymous said...

Ah, little do you know! She has actually climbed out of her crib, travelled around the house getting into things and then, climbed back in! She's been trying to keep it a secret. :)

Love, G-Ma