Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Year in Review

2010...what a year!! This has been the busiest, most stressful, yet most rewarding year of my far that is! Our Year Consisted of:

Babies growing bigger, Girls growing older, Husbands turning 30, Wives turning 27 (not quite as exciting), Houses being bought (well just one), Houses (just one again) being rented - and then vacated, Camping...and more camping, and then when we thought we were sick of camping - even more camping, trips to Vegas, Missionaries coming home, Siblings getting married, weight lost - and then gained and lost again, 3172 Pictures being taken, a million hugs and kisses given....even more received, 7 years of marriage celebrated, good friends enjoyed, cousins played with, some said goodbye to (for the time being at least), Grandparents adored and loved, grandpas/dads retiring, and so on.

It's been a good year. So in honour of this Good Year we've had, I put together a little video of pictures. You've seen most of these pictures, but some of them are new. I mostly just enjoy watching how the girls have grown this past year.

Enjoy (oh...and I should warn - when I was uploading this video I accidentally uploaded the wrong one...which means it's got some stuff wrong - like the month of the Olympics and a few other things. I would upload the correct one, but I maxed out my weekly limit. So next week, I'll fix it, and you'll get to see the newer and better version - with correct dates, and a few more pics. OK?)

Now onto 2011...what are our plans? Maybe we'll go camping some more, maybe we'll travel somewhere fun, hopefully we won't be moving or selling or anything like that, maybe we'll start thinking about another baby? One day. But mostly we'll just enjoy being together.


The Taylors said...

Love it Meagan! You've got some super cute girlies there!

Julie Allred said...

Awesome!! Your girls have changes so much! And get on that baby would ya, Tayden needs a buddy

Anonymous said...

What a great year! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures! Thanks for the memories of a great year.
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa