Friday, January 06, 2012

28 Weeks

So I'm officially third trimester. Which means I've got to start thinking about this pregnancy ending soon. I'm getting a bit scared! I know how much work a newborn is and how little sleep I'll be getting. I LOVE to sleep and regularly get 9+ hours a night. So it's going to be a hard adjustment for me. BUT...this isn't the first time I've done this! So if I got through the sleepless nights twice before, I can do it again!

I'm also a bit sad to not have Paige as my baby anymore. She is so much a baby to me. I still cuddle her and rock her like she's a newborn. She's just so sweet and I don't want to disturb her perfect life in anyway. I'm not worried about Hailey at all...poor girl! But I know that she'll be fine! She's done this before.

Even with all my worries I'm still so excited to meet this baby and fall in love. I KNOW it'll be just as great and rewarding as my other babies were. And I know that Paige will be fine...especially with Hailey there to play with. We're going to have some good times!

But I still have about 12 weeks until I really need to start thinking about these things. Until then I can just focus on getting all the sleep I can. Maybe try to eat less junk. And mostly just LOVE on these two perfect girls I've got right now!


Francis Family said...

Adorable!! As always :)
I'm so much like you, I can't live without my sleep. Thank goodness i've had amazing sleepers. I'll cross my fingers you'll get a baby like Laken who will sleep through the night from the day they are born!

Anonymous said...

Sleep's over-rated. Just ask our middle daughter who regularly went to sleep after everyone (EVERYONE) in the family was sleeping. ;)
You'll do fine. Your girls will do fine. Your family is wonderful!
Love, G-Ma