Sunday, January 29, 2012

31 (point 5) Weeks

So, this pregnancy is quickly nearing it's end. YIKES!! I'm so not ready for a Baby. Like NOT at all. We have NO idea what we're thinking of with names (probably because we have no idea what whether there's a mini-Meagan or mini-Ben cooking). I'm not 100% where the baby girl clothes are hiding in this house, and I'm 100% sure there are NO baby boy clothes hiding in this house. Paige is still happily occupying the crib...and if this baby comes out needing a diaper size smaller than a 5 (Paige's night time diaper size of choice), then we're in trouble too.

Anyway, I'm not too worried, because I've got two months to think about this stuff. And even if I don't get around to it, what harm can it do? I'm sure we can stop by the store and grab a few diapers in the right size. I'm sure Ben can dig out some baby girl clothes....or if it comes down to it, someone can go to the store and get me a blue sleeper (or ten). The baby probably won't even sleep in it's crib for a few months anyway. And I'm sure Paige has a soother or two she can spare. So now that I think about it, I'm totally READY!!

Except that I'm not at all.

Anyway, here's my BELLY at 31.5 weeks! It's getting B-I-G! And not a single person hesitates to tell me so.


The Harker Family said...

I loved this post!!! I had to die laughing because I was the exact same with our third. Must be something about having a third baby. I did not get a single thing ready until the end. Mind you I knew we were having another girl and so I didn't need to buy very many clothes (other than a few newborn suits for her to wear). I only started to get things ready- take things out and purchase all the last minute things right about 6 weeks before she was born. So you're still ahead of the game! Your belly looks fab by the way! I love it! Your face and arms are still so thin. You look great!

Christine Peterson said...

Great post. Why do people find it necessary to be candid and tell us how they really feel? It's rude, isn't it. Ive NEVER approached a pregnant lady and said "you're huge". When women say that, it's to make themselves feel better. There I said it. I totally understand where you are coming from. Yah I'm big, what can I do about it? Every women is different in shape and size. There is no ideal look of pregnancy. I think you look great and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise :)

Francis Family said...

I think you still look great! You are all baby that's for sure! I hated everyone's comments near the end no matter what they said. haha. Also I was the same way with this last one, so I think it's normal. We know we CAN be ready if we have to be.
Hope your feeling good! I'm excited to see what you have!

Lahni said...

I have NEVER told you that you look big. And I NEVER would - even if you did which you don't. So there.

Christine Hill said...

Your a hottie:)

Anonymous said...

If you look big, it's because the rest of you is so tiny!
I laughed out loud at the "So now that I think about it, I'm totally READY!!"
And then I laughed again at "Except that I'm not at all."
I've had those feelings.
(Do you want me to pick you up a blue sleeper and some size mini diapers?)
Love, G-Ma

The Taylors said...

You are so cute Meagan. I feel the same way abot not being ready, btu it is not nt he I don't have clothes, or diapers, or names picked out, it's my sanity I am worried about!!!