Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fresh Air

We finally got some fresh air this last weekend! We've had a VERY mild winter followed by some brutally cold weather...the kind of weather that has you crawling inside your burning fireplace and setting up base until the world returns to normal. I know I live in Canada, so some cold weather can be expected...but it was so nice when the cold spell broke and we were able to venture out into the real world again. Breathing real air was such a treat for my deprived lungs. Eating snow was even more of a treat for my deprived children.

To celebrate we got together with Ben's Family for a day of ice fishing. It was CHILLY but so much FUN!! I kinda LOVE living up here...

All Bundled up sitting inside the ice fishing hut...it was dreamy and warm in there

Ben and I...we LOVE each other

Ooooh...someone is 30 weeks pregnant, and looks every week of it!

Sisters vs Sister in laws...can you tell who's who? Our hats are a good indication!

Silly Hailey and some of her cousins...in the sled waiting to get pulled around

It looks like we're having fun right?

So pretty....so fun

Paige...of course... fell asleep in my arms, and then I...of course...transferred her to Ben's

It was such a FUN day and we hope to do it again!

p.s. I have opinions on stuff...did you know that? One tiny little thought I had during the week of cold - when EVERYONE who grew up here was complaining about how cold it is - is that THIS is what we signed up for!!! This is NOT the first time in my life that the weather has dipped to minus 30 (C) PLUS windchill...and it definitely won't be the last! So why were so many people so surprised?? This is what life here is like! It gets a little cold from time to time. But life here also comes with so many benefits...such as: Family, Friends, Great Church community, beautiful LONG summer days, Sunny Sunny winters, and those miraculous, magical things called Chinooks that melt EVERYTHING in site allowing us to handle just one more week of winter (or maybe one more month...or two)


Laura said...

I hear ya! You are so funny, always promoting Alberta! It's good to be proud! The grass is not always greener on the other side! Way to be so positive. I wish we lived closer. I mean we are pretty close, but not close enough to just drop in on the -30 days for a visit and some hot chocolate. Miss you and your girls!

The McGales said...

Thats sisters picture was too funny! I didn't even notice the hats. Cute pictures meagan! It was such a fun day :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun day you all had. Great experiences and great togetherness. It looks like the little cousins fresh back a a couple of years in the Caribbean have settled right in.

Christine Hill said...

FUN. I love that kind of winter playing...next snowfall we need to plan a sledding/snowmobiling day. We'll be staying at Matt's parents for 2 weeks while they're away soon, its perfect out there:)