Saturday, January 07, 2012

Our 2011 Video

I LOVE putting together our yearly family video. It's just so neat to see all our memories and pictures in one place. Most of these pictures have already been used on the blog, so none of it's really 'new' but it's fun to see how much we've done all year.

Untitled from Meagan McCance on Vimeo.

Another thing I REALLY love about making these videos is the music! Music is sort of a passion of mine. I LOVE finding music that's new, cool and maybe not super common. I also love popular music and oldies and every sort of music you could possible imagine. My rule is that the song has to move me to sing or dance along.

Both the songs in this video bring certain feelings to mind when I hear them. I heard the first song on this video months ago on a commercial and fell in LOVE instantly. The starting lyrics "Ah yes this is powerful stuff" reminds me how powerful and undeniable the love is that I have for my family. It's so powerful that I know I could never 'give this up'. I had to think long and hard about what the artist meant when he wrote this song...and I'm pretty sure he was talking about LOVE and all those sorts of GREAT things! Right? At least that's what I think of when I hear the song. The second song also means a lot to me. Since I'm not a big fan of change...and although I'm VERY excited for this new baby in our family, I'm also very anxious. This song just reminds me that even though things will change when the baby comes...we'll still just be our family! Nothing can get in the way of that kind of LOVE!


Christine Hill said...

oh wow Meagan, this is so beautiful. You guys are an awesome family! and I just love the music too:)

The McGales said...

Loved the video Meagan!!! You have some super cute pictures in there and you are so gorgeous in them all!!

Anonymous said...

You are soooo beautiful!
I love the music, it's just perfect. I love the pictures. I just want to have the pictures in an album so I can turn the pages slowly, but still listen to the music.
thank you for this wonderful video.
Love, G-Ma