Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Christmas Post

These last two weeks have been divine! Seriously, I have loved every single second of this Holiday season. My favourite part of it all was having Ben home ALL week! Life was getting just a bit 'out of control busy' so it was nice to see him regularly and to not have any other commitments/responsibilities. I slept a LOT this last week. A LOT. Our kids figured out that their parents were exhausted and let us sleep in every single day (i.e. 10:00am). I'm honestly not sure if I could ask for more.

We spent Christmas eve with my entire family (which is something we haven't done in years). Christmas morning was at my home (Sarah, Nick and my parents spent the night and Santa got the message). We opened stockings and then all headed off to church. After church Sarah and Nick disappeared to his family's Celebration, and my parents came back to our house to open gifts. It was so NICE and so LAID BACK. I LOVED it!! Then Jeff and Yuka and Alisa came over for Christmas dinner with my parents and us. That was also so nice and so laid back.

We got together with Ben's family a few days later for a gift exchange (and of course I forgot my camera...so I'll need to borrow some from someone else). Santa came to visit us. The girls were mesmerized! They've been lucky this year and have gotten a few surprise visits from Santa. Lucky Lucky girls!

Then we got together with my WHOLE family again so the cousins could exchange gifts. We had a TON of fun...I was sick though (what's new?). My camera didn't make an appearance here either.

Then in New Years eve we got together with my cousins on my Dad's side. It was a sweet day. We ate delicious food, played games ALL day long, went swimming at the hotel, and played some more games. It was a GREAT New Years Eve!

It was just so nice to be with family so much this Holiday.

It was also so nice to have no plans in between all these family gatherings...my poor pregnant body needed some serious down time. And that's what I got! I feel so regenerated and ready to go! (maybe that's just the iron pills I'm taking to deal with the Anemia I was FINALLY diagnosed with). Whatever it is, I'm feeling so much healthier...and a million times less tired!

Now onto 2012! This is going to be a GREAT year!

And the pics:

A nativity reenactment...The Angle giving Mary the news of Baby Jesus

Something clearly had this Angel Embarrassed...she still delivered the message to the Shepherd and his lamb

The whole crew, Mary, Jesus, Joseph, Angel, sheep, shepherd, wisemen. Cute kids hey?

A "masterpiece" painted on a gift from Santa

Opening Presents with G-ma and G-pa

Daddy got some presents too

Oh and we can't forget G-ma

Or G-pa (and his fancy transformers wrapping paper)

The girls gave each other gifts...and hugs

And I got hugs from them too! Nothing better than that!


Sarah Holoboff said...
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Sarah Holoboff said...

I love the pictures you have!! especially the one with the girls hugging! Sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

great pictures! wonderful memories! Love and hugs,