Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birthday Season - Hailey

The bonus of having two parties with the same theme in the same week is that when you royally mess up on the cake you get another chance. The problem is, I have lots of talents. Cake decorating isn't one of them. Why would it be? No on in my family even likes cake! Why would I bother to better myself at something that will never be appreciated. So, I tried a different approach this time on the cake. Instead of using a plain cake mix I use the WASC recipe - which is a cake mix with a few additions. So much easier to decorate. Then I used a thicker tip for icing the cake and things were also so much easier. It's still not amazing, but at least passable!

Anyway, Here are some pics from the day:

The difference between this Barbie Party and Paige's is that Hailey's was Barbie and the Popstar!! So we set up a stage and had a little concert from all the kids. I didn't take any pictures I snapped a few after the party when Hailey decided to wear her bathing suit bottoms?? Interesting choice.

Then the next day we cerebrated her real 6th Birthday with gifts from mom and dad and sister (and Nana and Grandpa).

The big gift of the night was this easybake oven. Hailey has been asking for one for a LONG time. We promised her that if she stopped sucking her thumb she'd get one...and she did!! She still has a problem with her thumb if she's asleep and not aware, so she wears special mitts to bed to stop it. But the conscious sucking of her thumb has stopped entirely! Pretty impressive!

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