Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What has happened to this blog

I really LOVE having a blog. It's such a great way to journal...but I've been so terrible at it! But I have been taking pictures all summer and one day I'll catch up!

The last time I blogged was the last little taste of sanity around here! And then the flooding hit Calgary and High River. It flooded a bit in Okotoks...but not enough to change my little life. But the flooding in High River has impacted us more than expected! First of all our Church has been turned into the command Center for the Mormon Helping Hands. I've had the chance to volunteer in the call center where I took calls and created work orders for all the people that needed help. It was so overwhelming and humbling. The most amazing part of it all was how kind and bright and happy everyone was. People who lost everything were still just so grateful and enjoyable to talk with. Which makes serving them so much more rewarding. The gratitude has been so humbling as well. Everyone is just so overwhelmingly grateful for all the kindness they've received from us and all the other people so willing to serve! Anyway...the command center remains open and working strong, which means our Sunday Church meetings have been sort of pushed around...moved to the other building...or shortened etc. It's kind of fun and interesting.

So...besides that we've been pretty busy. Ben's in High River everyday helping people get water back into their homes. I started a photography business. And I also took on a friends day home for a few weeks. PLUS we've had two Birthdays and TWO Birthday parties...and countless weekend camping trips. It's been a good but busy summer!!

Here are a Three quick pictures that give the TINIEST glimpse into what our summer has been like:

Writing On Stone - playing in the hoodoo's

Watering our plants...and the Baby

Popsicles from the Ice Cream truck with a friend


Steve Finnell said...

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Lahni said...

Emma looks like she has a tattoo on her face. Cute photos!

Anonymous said...

The picture of watering the baby reminds me of the one of your father and your baby sister -- I'm sure she's posted it somewhere.
Thank you for the great work all of you have done to help those affected by the flood.
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa