Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday season - Paige

Birthday season in our home starts June 7th with Ben (who enjoyed a nice little celebration with friends back in the mountains for a weekend of quadding), then we move to the 26th for Paige and onto July 14th for Hailey. It's fun having the Birthday's all together! So this year the girls both wanted Barbie themed parties...and somehow in a moment of genius (or not) I didn't think to combine them! What was I thinking? Not a lot I guess...since I had two Barbie Birthday parties in the same week and they pretty much invited the same people. I think next year I'll combine their parties!

So Paige's 4th Birthday party started out with some Barbie colouring pages

Then a little pin the pony tail on the Barbie (no cheating of course)

Lots of crying from Cait (kidney infection...of course)

Even with all the cheating going on, I still helped with the pin the 'pony'tail on the Barbie

Presents were a hit - lots of lego

I'm not sure who was more excited about the lalaloopsie doll...Denver or Paige?

Basically presents turned into a mob of kids trying to be as close as possible to the present...and of course they should be!

The girls BEGGED for a Barbie cake this year. So I bought a pan, and even some icing tips and and got started on the cake...about an hour in (making little stars all over) my hand cramped up. It was 11:30 at night, I had a baby who hadn't been sleeping well (kidney infection) and I was exhausted. So...I did what any self respecting cake decorator would do and smeared the icing all over! I was soooo mad at that stupid cake!! was supposed to be so easy! Anyway, I know my strengths and this was not one of them. but ti still looks like Barbie...sort of...if she were melting.

p.s. here is what it was supposed to look like. hahahaha

The cake was a hit regardless of how ugly it was. Paige had no problem blowing out the candles

And she also had no problem tasting the was still yummy!

So that's that. I now have a four year old (and a 6 year old an done year old). I can NOT figure out how these last few years have flown by so quickly...but I'm loving it! These girls of mine are so fun and spunky and sweet! I have the best job ever! are awesome! 


Lahni said...

I cracking up over that picture of Denver!!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed this post, but I love how the "colouring Barbie pictures" shows almost only boys doing the colouring. How did you manage that? lol
Your cake was wonderful and was even better knowing that it was made at midnight. :)
love, G-Ma