Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Pelican Point

Every year we camp with Becc and Jar at Pelican point. Every year it rains when we show up. It's annoying because I KNOW it's beautiful weather the rest of the summer. But we don't care if it rains on our parade because we're COOL and have lots of fun no matter what. But I will admit defeat when it comes to my camera...if it's raining, that camera is safely hidden away. I won't risk it! So sadly Rain=no pictures

So this year was no different, it rained. Oh well. We did spend almost the entire rainy afternoon in my Aunt and Uncles trailer playing card games! I LOVE playing games and I love it even more when I have people to play with!! It was so fun!

When the rain wasn't coming down I did take a few pictures of:

-My beautiful pregnant sister who is having her 5th BOY!! Yep...she is one lucky lady. She's a LOT like me. When we perfect the recipe, why change it up? She has lovely, crazy, fun boys!! So I'm excited to know she's having another!

My sweet Hailey Babe...she just LOVES the Beach - rain or shine!

Paigey and her oldest cousin...these boy cousins of theirs are so AWESOME! They LOVE to play with my girls (and even the baby). It's heaven for me!

My crying baby Cait...she was brewing a kidney infection here and was soooo cranky. Her poor life has been full of pain and suffering. I know that sounds dramatic...but kidney infections are so painful! And she's had over 10! We're on track right now to surgery #3. It's not confirmed yet...but that's the direction she's headed. We just hope she can have some pain free days soon.

Three of my favourite people just taking a moment to watch a Barbie Movie and relax a bit!

Anwyay, I just love spending time with my family. Camping is one of the easier ways we can all be together in one place. I'm not the best outdoors person (hence the giant, full amenities trailer) but when it means I get to relax and spend time with those I love, then I'll happily go every chance I get!

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Anonymous said...

love this post and how you enjoy the people in your life
Love, G-Ma