Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer days

I love summer. Did you know? One of the best things about summer is spending our days outside, in our bathing suits running through the sprinkler! Early in July we got to have our good friend Emma over for the day. It was a great summer day, until the icecream truck came singing down our street. THEN it turned into the PERFECT summer day! I quickly grabbed all the change I could find in our house and the girls and I chased that truck down! We only had enough for the cheapest Popsicle on the truck (note to self: keep more chance on hand in the summer). BUT, the lovely driver gave the girls all Hello Kitty Popsicles for the same price as the cheapo Popsicle! Thank you kind man!

Does anything scream summer more than these pictures? I don't think so!

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Lahni said...

I need these picture with Emma in them - they're so cute. And the ones that have Denver in them - from the first day of school and the Christmas concert.