Monday, July 22, 2013

Curb appeal

So these last few years Ben and I have been tossing around the idea of moving to an acreage. It's his dream...and maybe mine too. I'm not sure. I really like living in town...neighbour kids to play with easy access to shopping, parks, bike rides to the store, and did I mention neighbour kids to play with? That's my biggest draw to the city/town life. But I see the benefits to acreage life too. Lots of land to play with, the kids can explore all over, Ben can store all his toys (quad, side by side, 5th wheel etc) a lot easier, the business would have a better location to run, privacy etc. There are pros and cons either way.

This year we got semi serious about it and actually went and looked at a quite a few properties. We fell in love with two of them...and then realized that we own TWO homes! We can't own a third...which means we have to sell this house BEFORE we buy another one. AND, well, we just didn't quite get our act together quick enough. There are a few projects that need to get done around here of them being adding a bit of curb appeal. The house isn't terrible...but we want a quick sell and we know that takes a little bit of effort. I totally believe in staging a home...and curb appeal is a small small bit of that. So one fine Saturday we dug up a bit of sod, filled it in with wood chips and planted some shrubs. Really really easy...but it totally makes a huge difference on how the house looks from the outside. It brings the 'rust' accent colour together a bit and makes it look much more cool! If you remember from when we moved in I hated the trim colour but it didn't make sense to replace it. But somehow just adding a row of wood chips and shrubs brings it all together...and it actually looks nice.

Anyway, I documented the day by taking pictures...

of Cait...

drinking water from the hose!

It's pretty much way cuter than pictures of boring old shrubs and wood chips. You've seen one shrub you've seen them all. But a baby drinking from the hose never gets old!


Anonymous said...

so cute!!!!! I love that the grass is knee high on her in some of the pictures and the picture of the three girls lined up for a drink is precious.
Great pictures.
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa

The McGales said...

CUte! haha I love the pictures as always. The yard looks amazing too!

The Taylors said...

Looks great and I love your humour ;)That babe is delicious!